President’s Report for the New Year!

First of all: Happy New Year!

A brief update on late 2010 activities of note:

2010 Christmas Bazaar was a great success.

Thank you to Unha Hill for Chairing and organizing this annual event. An equal thank you to Nancy and Shoji and their respective volunteer groups’ .The kitchen was a great success. I would also like to thank all the servers, the crafters and of course all who attended.

2010 Fundraising Dinner

October of 2010 we hosted our very successful fund raising dinner with the amiable Margaret Lyons. The turnout was respectable and the talk was informative and spirited. A great time was had by all.

2010 Children’s Christmas Party

As the numbers grew this year the Large Gym was used to accommodate the larger attendance. I would suggest that next year we arrange the same weekend for both the Christmas Bazaar and the Children’s Christmas Party. The Bazaar should be held on the Saturday and the Children’s Party the following day (Sunday).

I also would like to thank Michele Van Raay for acting as the Chair for the Children’s Christmas party.

Upcoming Activities

The first activity for 2011 (year of the Rabbit) is our Fundraising Dinner organized by the Chair of the Fundraising Committee Jim Suenaga. I would like to thank everyone who purchased tickets, for this most delectable dinner, which is prepared by our dedicated volunteer cooking staff. For those that missed out our next dinner will be on the third Saturday in February. Please make sure you reserve your tickets well in advance.


The pool table is being assembled and we are waiting for the final touches. Hence, the language room will be made more accessible once this has been achieved. We are not renewing our Bingo license due to lack of support and this will impact our fundraising for 2011. Many of the previous Bingo workers are getting tired and have other obligations. I would like to thank the volunteers who have assisted in the Bingo for so many years.

We are currently looking into additional program based activities for the Centre. Dance and Kendo is high on the list and if you have other suggestions for programs at the Centre please let us know.

At this time I would like to thank everyone for your condolences in the passing of my brother Victor. Thank you for the Ikebana flower arrangement and the donation to the Centre on behalf of Victor. Your kind thoughts and wishes have not gone unnoticed.
In conclusion, on behalf of the new Board of directors I would like to encourage one and all to participate in activities and events at the Centre.

Come out and participate!

Thank you
Mitchell Kawasaki

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