A Taste of Japan: a Fund Raiser for Canadian Kendo Federation Masters Tournament

kendo Demo&Dinner 2014-low

*** Update on the Event***

We had an exceptional turnout for this event, a total sell out!

We would like to thank all who volunteered and participated and to all who came out to witness a very special evening.  People came from all over southern Ontario and the United States to see this event.




This event includes traditional Japanese cuisine from Ginko Restaurant, and a cash bar for Sake and other adult beverages.

Come see the highest ranking Martial artists in Canada present their Kata’s  and demonstration matches.

These Artists include:

T. Kimeda, 9th dan Aikido

S. Kimura, 7th dan Kendo

M. Kawasaki, 7th dan Judo

G. Ohmi 7th dan Iaido, 6th dan Kendo

S. Cruise, 7th dan Iaido, 6th dan Kendo

R. Mattie 8th dan Karate, 4th dan Iaido

G. Yamada 5th dan Kendo


Tickets are $35for adults, $25 for students, children under 12 $15. Please order the tickets soon as there is a limited number available.


For tickets Please Contact :

Glen Yamada  yukio.g.yamada@gmail.com   416-428-5354

Kawasaki sensei at the CJCC

Chris Hourmouzis sensei   chris@101.net  905-516-6478 (leave a message or text)

or at the CJCC office (please call first, the office has limited hours)

45 Hempstead Drive, Hamilton, ON, L8W 2Y6 905-383-5755

Here is a pdf of the flyer kendo Demo&Dinner 2014

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