Fall Fundraising Dinner – Here’s the Beef! Thank You ALL


Saturday October 25, 2014 At 6:00

What a Wonderful evening. We sold out @ 116 paid guests. The Food was fine, the Sake was sweet, The entertainment was lovely!

Thanks to all who participated, volunteered  and donated for the event. It was a resounding success! Many people asked when will the next one be? Well, we have a tentative date and have already spoken to Chef Ken Lefebre who would love to come back again. Please watch this space for more information as the planning all comes together.

We don’t have a final figure yet but we know that the event did run in the black. This is the first time we have tried an event of this scale and we learned a lot. We hope to make it even better next year.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback, we need constructive and helpful advice to make the event a great experience for everyone.

We wish to thank all for their time and donations

Mrs. Izumi and her Odori dancers Gacia Murase, April Takeda and Karen Knowles
Paige Bell
Ella McGibbon
Stacey Rayner
Maya Rajasingham
Victoria Renton
Emma Pasian
Ken Wood
Sky Bowron
Mickey Takeda
Kim Hashimoto
Terry Suenaga
Joyce Wall
Carol Katsura
Barbel McGibbon
Sumi Nogami
Amy Glazar
Christine Seki and Rob Toomer from the JCCC
Tak Yano
Patti Simpson
Geri, Kelly & Geoff McDonald
Michelle Taylor
Kay Suzuki
Pat Ikeda
Erica Kawasaki, Carolina & Daniel Rincon
Al Warburton
Paul, Angie Madison and Makenzie Arner
Alina & Kira Fusch
Yuki Koike of Koike farms (Mr. Koike donated all of the greens and vegetable for the evening meal)

Donations for the Silent Auction Table
Chris Hourmouzis & April Takeda
Laura Dowling
Diane Nishizaki
Claudio Disante
Shoji Yano
Ginko restaurant  http://www.ginkojapaneserestaurant.ca/
Linda Hartley
Jeff Naganobu
JCCC Toronto  http://www.jccc.on.ca/en/

Ontario Spring water Sake for their donation of one of the Large bottles of Sake     http://ontariosake.com/

We would also like to thank Mr. Ken Kurosawatsu for providing us with his wonderful beef and telling us about his unique cattle. He has the only 100% wagyu beef in Canada.

Chef Ken put on an amazing “Local” meal he can be found at Nellie James Gourmet http://nelliejames.com

(The promo of the event)

A unique and exciting dining event and fundraiser for The Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre.

We are very pleased to have Mr. Kurosawatsu a local Wagyu Beef farmer to come and speak to us about his farming these remarkable Cattle.

Wagyu Beef is commonly known as “Kobe” beef. Wagyu beef can only be called “Kobe” beef if it grown in the Kobe region of Japan. Mr. Kurosawatsu raises his cattle using traditional Kobe techniques including a barley and beer diet for the Cattle, and massages to improve the tenderness and marbling in the meat.

Here is a link to the Hamilton Spectator article on the farm:


We are also excited to announce that the meal will be catered by Chef Ken Lefebour of Nellie James Gourmet http://nelliejames.com . Chef Ken specialises in local grown, sustainable foods, he has had a long relationship with Mr. Kurosawatsu using his beef. He has a unique style with his food we are certain you will enjoy. The menu will be:

Hors D’ Oeuvres

  • Naan with Wagyu Sekai Bacon and Artisan Cheese, Maple Thyme Syrup
  •  Lobster Shooter with Coconut Curry Sauce

First Course
• Smoked Chicken, Sake Pho

Main Course

Asian Glazed Wagyu Sekai Chuck Eye Roll and Kioke Farm Fall Vegetables

Assorted Artisan Breads with Herbed Butter

• Chocolate, Pink sweet Peppercorn Tart with

Raspberry Coulis

The event will be licensed.

 We will have Ontario Sake, Wine and Beer

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