Attention all CJCC members an important message from the President of the CJCC

It has been a pleasure to represent the Centre for the past few months as your President. Part of my responsibilities is to continually review the financial viability of the Centre. Unfortunately, at this time, even though there has definitely been an increase in the amount of money coming into the Centre through program growth, and although we continue to look for ways to increase revenue, the amount of debt continually increases.

This is the current situation:
• The Centre currently owes approximately $40,000 in property taxes, with an annual interest of about $7,000. As you can probably guess, this is a losing game.
• We need to repair the current HVAC systems. The cost estimate for this is approximately $75,000.
• We need to repair the driveway around the Centre. The cost estimate for this is approximately $85,000.

Financing these three items is imperative but I believe that eliminating the $40,000 in back taxes to save us $7,000 in interest annually is our first priority.
• If every member could donate $100 each, we could instantly alleviate this debt;
• If every member could donate $300 each, we could delete the back taxes and pay for the HVAC system;
• If every member could donate $500, we could delete the back taxes, pay for the HVAC and the driveway to be repaired!!

Please, I am appealing to each of you to talk about this with your families, to see if there is a way for you to give us a minimum contribution of $100 and/or to dig deep and give us a one-time contribution of $300 or $500. Please make your cheques payable to “Canadian Japanese Culture Centre of Hamilton” or “CJCC” and send them to “President’s Appeal” at the Centre. Because the CJCC is a registered charity, besides our heartfelt thanks, you will also be receiving a donation receipt for you to claim on your income tax return.

To be completely honest, without eliminating these debts, the Centre’s finances are going to continue to deteriorate and the Centre’s sustainability is in jeopardy!

There is a paypal button below for your convenience.

Thank you for your support,
Chris Hourmouzis-Takeda

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