About the Hamilton CJCC

The Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre of Hamilton (CJCC) is a registered charity (CRA #130978885 RR0001) whose purpose is to:

  • Encourage and co-ordinate cultural activities which are essentially of Japanese origin
  • Encourage interest in those activities
  • Provide instruction in and facilities for these activities
  • Promote these activities in the community
  • Acquaint fellow Canadians with similar interests in Japanese cultural activities with each other.

The CJCC was founded by a group of like-minded Japanese Canadians who wished to preserve their Japanese heritage for future generations. This group were mostly Canadian born and interned during World War II. They came to Hamilton after the war, as Hamilton was one of the few cities that did not put a “cap” on the number of Japanese who forced to relocate east of the Rockies.

The Centre was originally located at “Onteora” school. The current Hempstead location was purchased after a major fundraising drive within the community, supplemented by redress money from the federal government, and included the assistance from the National Association of Japanese Canadians.

The Centre is governed by an elected Board of Directors and is primarily run by volunteer help. We are always looking for more  volunteers for different events and programs.

Board of Directors

Please note: The list below reflects the November 2019 AGM elections/acclamations. The listed executive positions are carried over from 2018-19, until the Board meets to elect the new executives.
President: Mitchell Kawasaki
Vice President: Chris Hourmouzis-Takeda
Executive Secretary:  Patti Simpson
Executive Treasurer:  Chris LeBlanc
Directors: John Anger

Trevis Chandler

Cairney Martin

NAJC Liaison Marlene Frazer/Patti Simpson

Operations Staff