Kids Japanese

子供 日本語サークル (Kids Japanese)


時: 毎月 第2日曜日 10:30 ー12:00
コース開始日: 特にありません。どの月から参加してもらっても結構です。
場所: Hamilton Canadian Japanese Culture Centre
45 Hempstead Drive, Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 2Y6

参加費: HCJCC メンバーシップ(1年間1家族$35)+ 月$4


その他: 日本語を話すお家の方の付き添いが必要です
問合せ: タカツ ミカ(

Kids Japanese

Description: This is a Japanese language group organized and operated by parents. Kids will learn and practice Japanese through games, songs, storytelling and arts and crafts. The content is developed and delivered by all participating parents.

Organizer: Mika Takatsu (

Time: 10:30 – 12:00 on the 2nd Sunday of each month

Starting Date: Children can start any month of the year

Fees: HCJCC family membership ($35 per year)
+ $4 per family per class

Age: 6-10 years old

Children have to be accompanied by a family member who can speak Japanese