Odori – The art of Japanese dancing where each movement tells a part of a story.

Instructor: Mrs. Chiyoko Izumi
Advanced Japanese classes  Friday evenings
Obon classes (no experience necessary)  Friday evenings (May – July)

Odori classes are taught by Mrs. Chiyoko Izumi, who has been teaching odori for over 70 years and is a artist listed in the Japanese Canadian artist directory. More information about her can be found here .

The Fall/Winter sessions require previous odori experience. If you don’t have any experience but would like to try to learn, please consider joining our Obon Odori classes that run from May to July, in order to prepare for dancing at the Toronto Obon festival (second Saturday in July). Obon dances are folk dances and consist of repetitive movements and are quite easy to learn lessons, so no previous experience is required. If you are interested, you are welcome to come to these Friday night classes. Joining the classes will require a CJCC membership.