Odori – The art of Japanese dancing where each movement tells a part of a story.

Instructor: Mrs. Chiyoko Izumi
 Obon classes – starting May 10!  Friday evenings
Advanced Japanese Odori classes:  Friday evenings

Beginning Friday, May 10, we will be starting our Obon Odori classes where we will be learning the dances for this year’s Obon. Unlike our Fall/Winter Odori classes, these lessons require no previous experience or prerequisites. The Obon Odori dances are folk dances and consist of repetitive movements and are quite easy to learn. If you are interested, you are welcome to come to these Friday night classes. The first few Obon classes will run from 7 pm until 9pm (as advance classes will be held immediately after at 8 pm – please note this is a change from a previous posting). Joining the classes will require a CJCC membership.